Wind noise can interfere with the audio performance of all current communication and video products that utilize a
microphone outdoors. AudioGravity has focused on developing technologies which significantly reduce noise.

Solutions are now ready for integration and commercialization to provide superior performance and enhanced user experience.


  • Audio technology company
  • Focused on developing advanced Wind Noise Rejection (WNR) solutions
  • Portfolio of worldwide granted & patent applications
  • Global sales, engineering & support

Wind Noise

  • Outdoor mobile phone calls
  • Video function on smart phones, digital still cameras & tablets
  • Wearable tech products: extreme-action video cameras, hearing aids, music players & other new innovative products
  • Military and life critical communication devices for search & rescue


  • Products using ECM and MEMS microphones
  • Custom solutions for extreme applications requiring the highest level of WNR achievable
  • For products with limited space available

Business Model

  • Mutual non disclosure agreement
  • Requirement assessment & solution proposal
  • Engineering services for prototyping & transfer to manufacture
  • License agreement for specific application