World Leader in Wind Noise Rejection

10-20dBV improvement with a 10mph wind

Green: omnidirectional microphone. Yellow: same model with WNR - click to enlarge

Flat Frequency Response – no distortion - click to enlarge

AudioGravity’s physical solution can be used in products where a DSP is not available or additional circuit board space is unavailable.

Features of AGL physical WNR solution

  • No software processing required
  • Audio does not require any processing
  • No electronics hardware
  • No added components and no additional energy requirement
  • No frequency anomalies
  • Maintains sound fidelity
  • Suitable for stereo and mono applications
  • Use with all product ECM or MEMs microphones
  • Small physical space required
  • Can fit into products

In addition to the AudioGravity physical solution we can also provide:

  • Custom solutions for extreme applications requiring the highest level of WNR achievable
  • Electronic only solutions
  • Software only solutions
  • Hybrid solutions – physical, electronic and software solution
  • Engineering Support – AGL can offer services for transfer of information to production and engineering. Programs may also be negotiated to enable customers to use their own production processes.


Wind noise interferes with both calls & videos


Improved audio in addition to HD video quality

Communication and video recording devices are an essential part of professional and personal life. Smartphones are used to communicate, organize take pictures, videos and much more. Video technology has improved with high resolution, slow motion, HD and image stabilization on a variety of devices from traditional recorders to tablets, smartphones, DSC’s and wearable cameras. Wind noise technology has barely advanced. A common solution is frequency filtering which unfortunately results in unnatural sound.

Using AudioGravity advanced wind noise rejection technology the next generation of consumer devices used outdoors will provide superior audio experience. Communications will no longer have to be repeated until understood or devices shielded when used in windy locations. Video footage captured outdoors will no longer have the distraction of wind noise interference without sacrificing high fidelity frequency response.